33. Go Fish

This guy was taken at the gardens in the little fish pond – everyone must feed them when they walk by because when I walked over there they all seemed to be begging for food!  Their whole face would come out of the water – it was too comical!  FEED ME!!!!



~ by Tammy on February 1, 2009.

17 Responses to “33. Go Fish”

  1. Possibly saw his reflection and was ready to attack – Go Fish

  2. I love this, it does look demanding. Fun shot!

  3. Great close-up, Tammy. Very colorful.

  4. Great close-up Tammy! It looks like he may be a little peeved at you though! LOL

  5. He sure doesn’t look like he needs much more food! Great shot of this brightly colored fellow.

  6. Great, great photo Tammy!! The colors are superb and you captured the expression perfectly! Nicely done!!

  7. Goshhh, what a big one!!
    Nice photo.

  8. Great close-up!!! Nice photo. =)

  9. That is so funny, the photo is good but your text completes it 🙂

    Thanks for the smile.

  10. He looks like a scary dude!! Great photo.

  11. Wow he is a sight to see, so bright and colorful. Great job.

  12. Hi looks like a toughie – very colorful closeup!

  13. How great is he? Terrific photo!

  14. OMIG, he is comical, what a great close-up shot!

    Might also be Feed Me…OR ELSE!

  15. What a great angle! The color contrast really makes the image pop.

  16. What a nice clear shot of this rather intimidating fellow!

  17. Whoa! That’s closer than I’ve EVER been to a fish! Love it!

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