30. New

This is the zoo’s butterfly nursey, they get cocoons from all over the world and “hatch” them for our exhibits.  I had never seen one of these until we got our new butterfly house last summer, I found it fascinating!  For more information go to :  http://www.omahazoo.com/index.php?p=animalsexhibits&s=insectpavilion.    What better for “new” than baby butterflies.




~ by Tammy on January 29, 2009.

15 Responses to “30. New”

  1. Cool. I don’t think I’ve ever been to the butterfly nursery.

  2. Great spotting, great shotting (it rhymes) and I’m with you that sort of thing is fascinating thanks for the link.

  3. wow that’s a cool shot…so are those the cocoons? that’s pretty neat

  4. This is so interesting, Tammy. I have never seen anything like this before. Great image.

  5. Incredible! I’d LOVE to see that in person, but since I can’t, your photo brings it to me. Wonderful shots!

  6. That’s really cool. There’s a Butterfly Place near me that is really fun to visit – they are closed in the winter, however.

  7. An amazing ‘nursery’ great shot!

  8. Nice shot. I just love butterflys.


  9. OK. That is very cool. I didn’t know there was even such a thing as a chrysalis nursery. Now I have absolutely got to go see one myself.

  10. I’ll have to look for a butterfly house. That looks fascinating!

  11. What an interesting exhibit. You’ll have to go back when they all emerge and show them to us in their full glory!

  12. Wow that is so cool and interesting. Would love to be there. When they hatch how do they get control of them? Or what do they do with them?

  13. I’d never heard of a butterfly nursery but your photo is wonderful! You have to go back and take some photos of them after they’ve matured!

  14. You’re so lucky to have such a fascinating place to shoot during these cold winter months. That’s another great shot and perfect for the theme!

  15. Cool!!! I just love butterflys. =)

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