27. Upside Down

What picture better to represent this theme!  They hated the flash on my camera!!



~ by Tammy on January 26, 2009.

25 Responses to “27. Upside Down”

  1. Bats are so cute.

    And I can believe they were none to happy about the flash waking them up.

  2. I’ll bet they just wanted to “Bite You on the Neck” you flasher.

  3. Perfect thing for the theme!

  4. OH my, those are creepy but excellent! How close did you have to get for those shots?

  5. Excellent for upside down. I love to see bats around – bats are sensitive and stay in places that have clean air etc. so I always see them flying around as a good thing. (Though a little bit creepy, too.)


  6. How cool! I love bats! I wish there were some close by here! It’s especially fun to watch them swoop around the street lights, plucking insects out of the air. I’d forgotten just how cool they are!
    What kind is the top one? Looks like a wolf’s head on a bat’s body!

  7. These are cool shots! I used to work as a guide in a cave in my hometown. The commercialized parts would see a random bat here and there, but when we guides would start exploring around the non-commercial areas, they were everywhere!

  8. So maybe bats are good for the environment but I HATE them in my house. They’re just soooooo creepy. But I love the shots and they are perfect for this theme. Good work

  9. Yikes Tammy-is that BLOOD on the large bat? I think I have to visit the zoo! FABULOUS shot & congrats on the editor’s pick!

  10. These are both wonderful photos. Great close-up. Makes me want to go to the zoo here (when it’s warmer….)

  11. Pretty creepy Tammy, but excellent shots. Did you have to use the flash? I guess they were in complete darkness though. You got their eyes well too. The top one looks like a vampire, LOL.

  12. COOL! I love bats. To have gotten them up close and personal during their private time is great–you’re a batparazzi!

  13. It is a perfect take on the theme and fine shots. They do look a bit irked…

  14. Nice shots Tammy. Please tell me they were at the zoo and not near your house!!

  15. Great take on the Theme and a great capture of the bats. You’re close up take was wonderful with them looking at you! It looked like they were saying “Why are you waking me up?”

  16. Perfect for the theme! They are cute on the photo but I dont like them in nature;)

  17. Ew! Gross! I hope these guys were at the zoo. I’d hate to encounter them in person. Great photos, however!

  18. Oh my gosh, where did you have to go to get these photos. Looks like Halloween.

  19. Ihhh, great picture. I say the same as Ninni, they are cute on photo but I don’t like them in nature.

  20. Fabulous shot, Tammy. Repeat all of the above.

  21. Yikes! Why did I have to see these before going to bed…oh, the nightmares are coming! lol Fab shots though…great for theme and a little more detailed than I needed! : )

  22. EEWWWWWW! Nice photos…creepy subjects. Great captures for the theme.

  23. How cool! believe they were not to happy about the light!!

  24. They are the ugliest creatures, I don’t think I would get that close! I like the second shot the best.

  25. You’re absolutely right – perfect shot for the theme. It illustrates it in such a fun and humorous way. The bats may have hated the flash, but I think it really adds to the mood here!

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