25. Furry

What can be cuter than a furry fox?



~ by Tammy on January 24, 2009.

19 Responses to “25. Furry”

  1. Gorgeous shot! The detail is amazing, and it captures the tense, alert energy of the animal.

  2. Ah ha Tammy the star of your painting. He still makes me want to hug and snuggle with him, although I know he would never let that happen. You should send everyone to see your art work too! I love this picture.

  3. This is beautiful! You painted this? Do tell…

  4. This is gorgeous, Tammy. It is so sharp and detailed.

  5. They are so cute…from a distance!! Beautiful shot.

  6. I haven’t seen any foxes here for years — maybe the coyote eliminated them. Nice shot. How did you get so close? Or maybe I should be asking WHY not how…

  7. super cute indeed! nice one!

  8. Nice shot. How did yo get so close? I love the eyes.

  9. Great shot!

  10. He’s a beautiful animal! You certainly got a nice detailed shot of him. Did you apply a filter? It looks a bit like a low-key fractalius…

  11. Oh, those eyes! Nice shot:)

  12. Great shot! The eyes is lovley!
    It is so sharp, i love it!!!

  13. How cute! I love the pointy face. I’d love to get close enough to get a shot like that.

  14. What a great shot! He/she’s gorgeous!! The fur, the eyes that cute little nose…gorgeous!

  15. Is this alive???? Great shot!

  16. Many of you asked how close I was to this guy, I had my 70- 300mm lens and had it set on about 250mm. Plus, there is glass between us, I was lucky not to get any reflections. And yes, Mary, he is alive! LOL Julie, good eye, I did use a very light fractalius filter (opacity about 15%).

  17. Beautiful eyes and fur on this little critter. Great shot!

  18. Lovely, do tell, how did you get this photo? Foxes mean good luck, you know?

  19. This is just a great shot. He looks so tame and loving. makes you want to take him home…What is fractalius filter? Wanting to learn

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