24. Yellow

My grandma had a birthday and this is one of her roses she received – guess what color is her favorite??



~ by Tammy on January 23, 2009.

17 Responses to “24. Yellow”

  1. Oh, that warms me up on a cold winter day! Happy Birthday to your grandma! Lovely photo, Tammy. The soft effect is so pretty…

  2. Friendship!

  3. Red? and you guys got it wrong? lol just kidding!

    Hope your Grandma enjoyed her birthday AND her beautiful roses!

  4. Great closup Tammy,I really like how the edges glow a little bit. I am so excited about spring, I am pitching a tent in the Botannical gardens so I can get all the great spring flowers and roses. Is your Grandma the “yellow rose of Texas?” I remember singing that song as a little girl, nowadays we can barely repeat what little girls are singing, LOL.

  5. this is my favorite too! lovely photo

  6. A lovely, dreamy photograph. It brought back warm memories of my sweet mother-in-law, whose favorite flower was a yellow rose.

  7. This is a wonderful closeup. i love the softness and the framing.

  8. Beautiful! The color, the soft and satiny look to the petals, the framing…everything!

  9. I love flower photos. Beautiful yellow rose. Nice frame.

  10. I love flower photos. Beautiful yellow rose. Nice frame.

  11. This is a beautiful close up. I love the b&w frame. How do you do that?

  12. Just lovely….a nice change from winter snows!

  13. lovely!!!!Beautiful close up!
    You have received an Award, which you can get from my blog.

  14. Nice photo.

  15. Beautiful! And definitely yellow!

  16. Beutiful photo……lovely

  17. Beautiful. The color and details are outstanding.

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