23. Sleeping

This sloth from the Lied Jungle at the zoo seems to be having some pleasant dreams – look at the smile on it’s face!  Hmmmmm, wonder what he’s dreaming about…The Lied Jungle is the largest indoor rainforest – for more info go to:  http://www.omahazoo.com/index.php?p=animalsexhibits&s=liedjungle



~ by Tammy on January 22, 2009.

14 Responses to “23. Sleeping”

  1. How fun! He does look like he’s having a nice nap.

  2. He sure looks comfy!!

  3. Sloth is supposed to be one of the Deadly Sins–but that little critter looks just plain comfortable.

  4. Funny, I never thought about them sleeping upside down hanging from a tree limb! Fascinating beasties, aren’t they? You got a great shot of this one’s naptime!

  5. Sloth one of my seven deadly virtues, boy can I identify with that attitude.

  6. He’s so CUTE! This is a great shot.

  7. Is he really sleeping while hanging from a limb? I didn’t know they did that. He does have a sweet little face.

  8. Another cute furry creature from your repertoire. I have to get out and take some pictures, I am running out. Great job.

  9. So cute!
    You take such fine pictures of animals!!!

  10. tmcchesney,

    Sorry to post something not related to your subject.

    Seeking your prayer for someone in real need of it.


  11. Very cute little guy and certainly very content looking. Wish we had a zoo to photo in, what fun!

  12. I must have Australia on the brain because when I first glanced at it I thought it was a koala!!! That being said, I love this little guy & the colors & the textures. Neat photo!

  13. When I look at this I really do wonder what he’s dreaming about! This doesn’t look like a zoo photo at all. Great shot!

  14. Sloths are my heroes. It’s what I’d like to come back as if reincarnation were an option. Great photo!

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