21. National Pride

I don’t think there is a better day to fulfill this theme.  Today we are filled with hope and conviction as we all unite to inaugurate our 44th President of the United States.  This is a day history will remember!


All of the images were taken from tv, and I used various filters in PE6 to correct and enhance the images.


~ by Tammy on January 20, 2009.

21 Responses to “21. National Pride”

  1. Tammy, these are simply wonderful! Except for the fact that the logo at the bottom of the second one is the same that was on the broadcast I watched, I never would have know they were captured from TV. You are so clever!

    Though I live in Canada, my kids and I are American. So, this has been a tremendous day for us too.

    Happy Inauguration Day!

  2. A beautiful and fitting tribute to President Obama and a moving, historical day. I think the first is my favorite, although the one of the Capitol Building is stunning, too.

  3. Tammy, your pictures turned out so beautiful. I didn’t even think of taking pictures of the television this morning but I wish I would have!

  4. Top Tribute Mary, I love it and your devotion. Ron

  5. Sorry delete Mary insert Tammy just a tiny weeny brain explosion.

  6. A wonderful set of shots, Tammy.

  7. Great job Tammy. You are absolutely right, what a wonderful day.

  8. beautiful captures! wonderful use of the filters the photos are very clear

  9. You’ve gone and made me cry all over again! I sat there with tears running down my face as I watched him take the oath today. I wish I could have been in Washington, but just to have seen this day come was enough. It’s like watching the light come back on again.

  10. These are all knockouts! It truly was a day to be proud and hopeful.

  11. Your photos are super!! I couldn’t capture the scene as well. I like the blending on the top one too.

  12. Wow, fabulous job – would never have guessed you got these shots from the telly!!

    Yes, a wonderful day for us all – even for us in the UK. He has a lot to live up to and a lot to do but at least now there is hope.

  13. This says it all!! You did a fabulous job on this photograph.

  14. I was right there with you, Tammy, in front of the TV. It was truly an awe-inspiring day and you did an excellent job capturing it. Hope and change…we’re in dire need of both and yesterday was a new beginning!

  15. Wow, you did a wonderful job on these!

  16. Excellent images and you’re right about the timeline! They’re awesome!

  17. FANTASTIC photos!

    What filters did you use? I want to try that, too! TV photos come out so strange.

  18. Congratulations to President Obama and to all Americans.The peaceful and orderly transition of power is something you can rightly be proud of. Your ability to self-correct through the various stages of your nation’s history augur well for your future.

    As a foreigner who wants good things to happen in any and all parts of the world, I wish Americans will work more in harmony with their president. How successful Obama can be as American president will depend on how well his fellow-Americans can rein in their demands for their expectations to be satisfied.


    Keep the hopes alive

  19. Wonderful.

  20. you’re right…perfect day to fit the theme! and I think people around the world were ‘American’ for the day…I know Canada was watching and cheering!

  21. Shots from the TV. Wow I would not have guessed that. You do great work.

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