19. Hair

Can you imagine what it would look like if this guy had a bad hair day??



~ by Tammy on January 18, 2009.

15 Responses to “19. Hair”

  1. With that colour A Bad Hair Day isn’t possible.

  2. lol very funny

  3. Let’s call him big red or maybe little red. LOL He’s really cute and yea he is having a good hair day. Believe me I know what a bad hair day is.

  4. What do you all mean? I think he looks mah-ve-lous! Very cute!

  5. He posed very nicely for you but he doesn’t look really happy!! Great orange color and DOF. I really like this photograph.

  6. Great shot Tammy, he/she does look a bit peeved…

  7. Can you imagine what all that hair must look like first thing in the morning – after a bad night!!! – lol

  8. How cute! And the expression on his face makes me laugh!

  9. Another great monkey-portrait! He looks well groomed, indeed!

  10. Gorgeous color! Does that come in Miss Clairol? 😉

  11. So cute! You take very nice pictures of animals.

  12. What a cute guy!

  13. Love the color and the contrasting tones here.

  14. I love the little dude’s bemused expression.

  15. Love the red color and the expression on his face…

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