18. Eyes

I may be a biassed mom, but I think my sons both have the most beautiful eyes.  This is a picture I shot of my son, Ryan, this moring.  Why do boys always get the beautiful eyes and long eye lashes??



~ by Tammy on January 17, 2009.

13 Responses to “18. Eyes”

  1. I think it’s just the way things are! Great lips too!!!

  2. My guess is that you are the only mum in the world to feel that way about her son’s. (Take my advice and don’t tell him that about his eyelashes etc.) But your devotion (and his) comes through in your photo.

  3. Nice look and yes, beautiful eyes

  4. Gorgeous eyes and a good looking face too!!

  5. lol I have 2 just like him! blond hair blue eyes and LONG lashes! great shot

  6. Handsome lad and I see he has my lashes…give ’em back! If you took this same pic of me you would not see a single bottom lash without a magnifying glass! LOL

  7. You have every right to be proud of this boy. I just know your phone is ringing off of the hook from teenage girls!

  8. No bias that I can see, great portrait and beautiful eyes indeed.

  9. Good looking guy…the girls are going to really go for those eyes! Nice shot!

  10. Oh Tammy! And you have two of them, they are great, I can see those little girls already lined up at the door. What a perfect picture. He and I am sure both of them look a lot like you too!

  11. You’re not biased – you have a good eye for these things! 😉

  12. Love this portrait – and yes, he does have beautiful eyes!

  13. I echo everyone else’s comments. He is a very handsome kid and the eyelashes are to die for!

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