13. Feathered

After feeling cold all last night, I opted for something a bit warmer.   I took this picture in our desert dome at the zoo, this feathered  kookaburra always captivates  me with it’s cute looks and the way he walks.  My family always has to pull me away.



~ by Tammy on January 12, 2009.

16 Responses to “13. Feathered”

  1. Tammy, this is an outstanding photo. What a cool bird!

  2. That’s an “AWWWW”.
    How cute!

  3. The best one yet Tammy. He is adorable. I would love to see him, I could burn up a 4 Gig card on him alone, LOL. Great shot.

  4. THAT’s a kookaburra? Cool! We used to sing a song about, “kookaburra sits in an old oak tree,” way back when I was in Girl Scout camp. It’s a gorgeous photo.

  5. Great shot! I like it’s eye. After Bobbie’s comment don’t they have a distinctive call?

  6. What a beautiful bird…great shot!

  7. Tammy, this is fabulous. The detail in the feathers is awesome. Great shot!

  8. The feathers are so rich and detailed. Great photo!

  9. Wish I had some of those feathers now!! Great shot!!

  10. Look a those feathers! I can see why he is a popular bird…he is just darn cute, too.

  11. It must be cold for that laughing Jackass to be puffed up like that, or he knew that is was you snapping his pic

  12. Great shot, Tammy! I think you could make a calendar for the zoo to sell in their giftshop. You have so many great shots from there.

  13. I have never seen a bird like this. Great shot.

  14. Having sung the same song as Bobbie in Girl Scouts, I always wondered what a kookaburra was. Great shot, Tammy!

  15. Great shot, never knew wat a kookaburra looked like.

  16. Amazing detail, Tammy!! Thanks for the photo – like others, I’ve never seen a kookaburra. Cool shot!

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