10. Private

Went out to go to a drive thru to bring home dinner and spotted this image from the drive thru lane.  Funny, I have been in this lane many times and never spotted this treasure.  If you look closely, in the bottom right hand window there is a sign which says “Private Property” hence the “private” theme.  Funny what you see when you open your eyes…



~ by Tammy on January 9, 2009.

8 Responses to “10. Private”

  1. Tammy, Looks like a cool old house. Its a great picture too, seems it came into view just for you. I don’t think I have ever noticed so many things until I started taking photographs seriously. I feel like I have been missing things my whole life. And no I don’t get too dizzy from my office building, unless I look down, since I am scared of heights, but then I am just on the 1st floor, LOL.

  2. I like the composition, the diagonal line of the ground across the image contrasting with the lines on the house. And it is cool that you are seeing with new eyes. It makes your world that much larger.

  3. Nice photo. Amazing how differently I am viewing things in just one short week. Just think of what we will be seeing by December!!

  4. This is a true treasure, I LOVE this house! Well spotted, it a wonderful photo.

  5. You’re right about seeing things when you’ve opened yourself to the possibilites. This is great!

  6. I almost feel like I’m a voyeur in this this one. What goes on in that ominous house? Great photo for the ‘private’ theme.

  7. I agree – I’m seeing all sorts of things I never noticed before. Your photo does convey the sense of privacy! Well done!

  8. Kind of spooky, that one!

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