9. Musically Inclined

Meet my nephews….this was quite a sweet moment.  As my older nephew played his “toy” guitar, his 2 year old brother watched his every move as if he was thinking “teach me brother”!  I got a big kick out of watching them.  I did photoshop out the background (of toys all over the floor)!



~ by Tammy on January 8, 2009.

15 Responses to “9. Musically Inclined”

  1. Good selection to exclude the rest of the toys. This little guy is really intent on the action here. He will be a star one day!

  2. Now that is a close study, What Note was that? Play it again!

  3. Tammy, this is so great. It really captures a sweet moment. I like that you took out background clutter and the focus is on the two boys. Fabulous!

  4. Love the B&W. Nice job on the background.

  5. Very sweet photo-I love those moments.

  6. Lovely capture – the B&W works really well

  7. Yes the black and white is very fitting and seems ready to print with the right amount of black point compensation. You have done a great job in editing with Pshop too.

  8. I love the intensity of their concentration and the b & w makes the photo perfect! I would have never guessed you photoshopped the background.

  9. They look like they are having fun and a quiet moment together – a rarety for siblings sometimes! You captured it nicely.

  10. Great job on Photoshopping out the clutter. This is really a sweet photo and I know you must have had a lot of fun watching them.

  11. What an honour to have such an attentive audience member! Very cool pic…and I think I need to learn how to PS out background stuff if it can turn out that great!

  12. Great shot that neatly captures the relationship between the brothers.

  13. Your use of coloring to black and white really makes the guitar pop. I love the relationship that is conveyed in this picture. Great job.

  14. Perfect photo for this theme! I like the b&w and you did a fantastic job on the background replacement.

  15. being my beautiful kids difinitly my favorite and they do actually have have a lot of these moments as Logan the younger worships his older bro. thanks tammy for adding it in. all the rest of pics our unique in own way

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