8. Shadows

This is the last bug shot for a while – I promise.  Actually, this one is kinda cute.  I think this guy thinks he is as big as his shadow and is willing to put up a fight (or a dance anyways)…



~ by Tammy on January 7, 2009.

13 Responses to “8. Shadows”

  1. This is great! The shadows are perfect … and how did you get him (her?) to look right at you?

  2. Great photo. Love the shadow. Is this the same guy that was on your son’s leg?

  3. Could have sworn I saw this fella on someones hairy leg the other day, What do they live on nothing to eat in either locale, you certainly caught his attention anyhow.

  4. Clever, good one

  5. Tammy, I love this shot. Creepy as the subject is, I think I’d frame it! Your depth of field is perfect as is the angle.

  6. I like the way he looks like he’s ready to spring forward. Great sense of movement in this one.

  7. He seems to be saying, “Hurry and take my photograph so I can be on my way. I can’t sit still and pose for you all day!”

  8. Great angle and he is kinda cute looking at you looking like he’s ready to fight.

  9. Wow! A trained bug!!! Very cool!

  10. New Pet?
    Preying Mantises are fascinating insects. What a wonderful pair of shots you got of this one! (I didn’t see yesterday’s shot until this morning, so I’m commenting on both of them here!)

  11. great one Tammy, wonder what he was thinking as he saw his own shadow?

  12. The shadow here is so perfect.

  13. Beautiful shadow! I’m thinking he may want to give you a pop for bothering him for photos!

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