7. Legs…

Wow,  if I would have known my leg would end up on my blog, I would have shaved for the occasion!  Ha, you silly people, this is really my son – I would never let all these LEGS on MY leg (NO pun attended)!



~ by Tammy on January 6, 2009.

13 Responses to “7. Legs…”

  1. Since preying mantis are known for blending in with their surroundings I would expect him to get pale like skin color. It looks like maybe he was trying, but its a stretch, LOL. Great shot full of detail.

  2. That’s a really clear shot of the praying mantis — and the hairy leg. Why in the world did that bug decide to walk on your son’s leg?

  3. Fantastic shot! I don’t blame you for not wanting those legs on yours, I wouldn’t either!

  4. I have trouble looking at it, let alone thinking about it on me. *shudder* Very cool pic you got there though!

  5. Terrific choice for this theme. Nice legs for all!! The photo is great!!

  6. Another shot that has the ICK factor! I had one of those crawl up the inside of my pants leg at work one night. I still get embarrassed when I think about what I must have looked and sounded like. I’m not much of a dancer but I danced that night! Good shot, Tammy!

  7. Really creepy and crawly – great for the theme. The shadow and the perpendicular perspective add to the beauty. Reminds me of the opening credits to the “Dexter” series on Showtime.

  8. Ummmm………….CREEPY!

  9. ewwww…but awesome shot!

  10. Legs, legs, everywhere legs! The detail on that little bugger is fabulous!

  11. Yikes, Tammy!!!! Great photo, but YIKES!

  12. Very funny!!!! Great shot!

  13. So funny – great shot

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