5. What’s Inside?

Ok, this is kinda part 2 to “What’s for dinner?  After posting my monkey with the mouse, several asked if a monkey really ate mice?  I sent them a picture and asked what they thought – I didn’t stick around to see any goury details!  🙂  So my question to you is “What’s Inside?”????  Thanks Janet for the idea…



~ by Tammy on January 4, 2009.

10 Responses to “5. What’s Inside?”

  1. Beautiful, beautiful pictures!! You sure have a way with your camera.

  2. Tammy I absolutely love the texture of his fur, its like I could just touch it. Oh yea the mouse, I keep imagining a crunch, sorry, but its true, I think he ate it without difficulty. This is another amazing shot.

  3. You have a way with pictures…and words. If I have a dream about mice for dinner tonight, it will be all your fault… 😛

  4. Spectacular shots…yes, it looks like you could touch the fur…

  5. Good photographs — disgusting idea. It sure does look like that monkey is eating the mouse!

  6. That wonderful monky again with the mouse – it’s “eww”, but definitely fascinating. I love the green backdrop – the photos are perfect.

  7. That first shot is particularly amazing and funny too! He does seem to be pretty curious about what he’s caught. Here’s hoping it was just a plaything….

  8. These photos are gorgeous! Crisp, clear, detailed, colorful and I think that’s bokeh in the background but I’m not sure. I really didn’t think monkeys were carnivorous! I guess they’re omnivorous!
    In regards to the subject matter…ewwwwwwwwwwww! Good one!

  9. These are beautiful photos! Love your choice of theme!

  10. I love monkeys, although they can be quite nasty and disgusting. I thought you captured it perfectly.

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