4. Feline Friends

feline-friend1And day # 4 leads me to another zoo shot (I told you I took tons)!  I couldn’t pass this bobcat up – what a beautiful cat!  He looks soooooo harmless….


~ by Tammy on January 3, 2009.

19 Responses to “4. Feline Friends”

  1. I think you must have used the smudge tool on his hair….just beautiful even if you didnt’!

  2. looks innocent enough to me 🙂

  3. Tammy he looks so harmless that I thought he was a tabby cat!! Wrong!! Love the photo.

  4. The intelligence of the subject and the photographer erupt out of this photo.

  5. He looks like a feline who used to live with us! 😉
    You did a fantastic job processing this…

  6. Oh WOW, what a gorgeous kitty! I love the effect you’ve used here, great shot!

  7. Like I said at the Cafe he’s fantastic. You have done a great job 6 months or 6 years. 🙂

  8. Beautiful image, Tammy! I love the effect you’ve used…suitable for framing

  9. This is gorgeous – love the presentation.

  10. Spectacular photo…looks like a painting!

  11. He is beautiful! What did you do to get this effect? Nice!

  12. Beautiful and very effective with the blur.

  13. Nice shot, what kind of filter did you use? It any.

  14. Whatever you used on this photo is marvelous! The photo itself is amazing!

  15. Thanks everyone – I thought this was one beautiful cat! I used the fractalius filter on it and reduced the opacity down to 25%. One of my favorite filters!!

  16. Beautiful animal. You really could have used the theme “Eyes” for this. His eyes are awesome.

  17. Wonderful photo! Harmless, you say? Until you look into those predator’s eyes! Great effect, too. (Have you thought of doing a tutorial for it on Elements Village forum?)

  18. What a beautiful, expressive face! Love it!

  19. Tammy, this photograph is beautiful! Your filtering is beautifully done.

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