3. What’s for Dinner?

Wow, what a beautiful day today was!  It was in the 40’s, so I decided to hit the zoo with my new Christmas lens.  What fun I had!  🙂  Now, if you were a monkey What would you want for dinner?


Unfortunately, this wasn’t the best image because that mouse kept trying to escape.  Go figure….


~ by Tammy on January 2, 2009.

20 Responses to “3. What’s for Dinner?”

  1. Great shot Tammy, I love the zoo. Poor mouse, great monkey, I can see his fur so clearly, excellent detail. What lens did you use?

  2. …and you don’t like the smell of “Past It’s Prime Bananas”!! Great photo, well, except for the mouse!!

  3. Yukk!!!!
    Good shot and a creative look at the theme!

  4. Talk about being at the right place at the right moment! The monkey seems to be saying, “What shall I have as a side dish?”

  5. What a fantastic capture! Now, I think I’m going to flash back to this image every time a family member asks “What’s For Dinner?”! 😉

  6. Great shot – poor mouse, but the monkey looks happy. Nice surprise twist on the theme. I’m amazed at all the creative interpretations I see from this group!

  7. Not at all what I was expecting when I saw the title of your post! Great shot, I’d love to know what that monkey is thinking!

  8. *Gulp* I can’t help but laugh, what a wonderful shot with lots of humour.

  9. Mice have a hard time don’t they, if they aren’t being experimented on, they are being eaten!! At least this little one has some fame (doubt that would be any consolation though – lol).

    Great capture and thanks for posting this one – very funny.

  10. My window was not maximzed, so I was completely expecting a banana. Gave a little “eek” when I saw it scroll up.

    Great shot! (Love the snow on your blog…)

  11. Hey, that’s a great moment. It’s this kind of stuff that makes images so interesting. You succeeded in capturing the moment, not just an object. Well done! ~ Mike (mrod)

  12. What a creative take on the theme. Great shot.

  13. Yikes! What a photo! Good job!

  14. I don’t blame that mouse for trying to escape. Great image.

  15. You never cease to amaze me Tammy! You are so creative, what a clever interpretation! Just one thing, I didn’t think monkey’s ate mice. Maybe they were just having a conversation!

  16. Great capture, Tammy! Did he really eat it? I didn’t know there were carnivorous monkeys.

  17. Amazing that you could get this super shot!! I love your theme here!

  18. I don’t know if he really ate it – when it started going towards his mouth, I moved on! Thanks for all of your responses – glad you liked it (and I didn’t “gross” you out)! 🙂

  19. that is a great photo. i have never seen a shot like that before.

    i didn’t know monkeys ate mice.

  20. All of your pics at the zoo are beautiful. Now I know that I need a new camera. My point and shoot is great, but time for a DSLR with a telephoto lens is what I need. I still use my film camera for that reason.

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