2. Purple

I love this theme!  Purple is one of my favorite colors!  My dishes are purple, my bathroom is purple, I think you get where I am going.  My image to go with purple was a Christmas gift from a good friend – a Purple Pointsetta (say that 10 times fast)!  🙂



~ by Tammy on January 2, 2009.

19 Responses to “2. Purple”

  1. Roses are reddish, Violets are Purple,
    If you run out of sugar use Maple Surple.

    Not good but better than the Purple Cow poem!

  2. Not poetic, but I never saw a purple poinsettia! Lovely image, Tammy! How did you ever manage to find the time for photoshopping!

  3. Beautiful! Purple is my favorite colour as well. Oh how I would love to have a purple velvet sofa in my livingroom. 🙂

    Beautiful shot.

  4. When my daughter was little, purple was her favorite color and I would have had lots of purple things to photograph. Not, not so much!

    But, I love your purple poinsettia and the selective color you chose for it!

  5. I have never seen a purple poinsetta, I like your capture and the touch of purple you left

  6. I’ve never seen a purple poinsettia and this one is beautiful!

  7. Nice Tammy, its only 10am here, you got started early this morning. Great picture and framing.

  8. Beautiful photo and presentation, Tammy! I’m a purple loving person, too.

  9. This is my fave color, also. Nice frame job and selective coloring.

  10. Purple Poinsettia? I have never seen one before. Thanks for presenting something new to all of us. Great shot.

  11. A purple pointsettia? Never knew they came in purple! Both the photo and the presentation are fabulous!

  12. Purple poinsettias are new to me. This one is lovely. I like the way you colored it, too.

  13. what a great shot…and I’ve never seen a purple poinsetta before!

  14. Purple Pointsetta Purple Pointsetta Purple Pointsetta Purple Pointsetta Purple Pointsetta Purple Pointsetta Purple Pointsetta Purple Pointsetta Purple Pointsetta Purple Pointsetta

    Neat picture!

  15. Beautiful, Tammy. The colors and tones go together so well.

  16. A stunning combination of B&W with color!

  17. Just gorgeous….I saw some blue ones at Lowe’s the other day, as well as glitter attached!

  18. Thanks for the overwhelming amount of responses! I didn’t know that pointsettas came in purple either, but Ester, I did see your blue ones and they are beautiful!

  19. Simply Stunning. I have not seen purple in person either! Beautiful photograph Tammy!

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