1. Celebration

Happy New Year everyone.  Well, we made it to day #1 of the challenge – can’t believe it.  While everyone was out partying and bringing the New Year in, my husband and I were celebrating with Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest (waiting to pick the kids up from a party).    I took the photo from tv, so it’s not the best.  So…..here it is, photo #1….



~ by Tammy on January 1, 2009.

15 Responses to “1. Celebration”

  1. Tammy what a fantastic start. I would swear you were there! Now I have to get busy, I have been reading the themes and trying to figure where to start. Its a beautiful day here in Virginia so it shouldn’t be difficult.

  2. Nice shot Tammy! It was better watching it from the comfort of my home since it was -4 in NJ.

  3. wow I couldn’t tell it was from the tv, great image! Happy New Year

  4. Good one, Tammy! I thought of doing that last night but I was too sleepy. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  5. I’d much rather be home than in NY for New Year’s Eve, too! Great shot and Happy 2009!

  6. Very well done, and a great place to capture the beginning of the New Year.

  7. My favorite way to celebrate the New Year, too. Happy New Year, Tammy!

  8. Great idea Tammy and a great beginning to the New Year!! TV shots are not always eaay to get. Yours is a good one.

  9. Great take on the Theme 🙂 So you are now off the blogging blocks – congratulations.

  10. How creative! I see your star filter in there! I love it!

  11. Thanks all for the nice comments – I was going thru the list while watching the show and just started clicking – thought they turned out kinda cool looking for not being there. Madelaine – no star filter – that is how they filmed it on tv.

  12. I think it’s a great shot! Happy New Year! We started off our year with our 6year old who desperately faught to stay up until midnight and he made it, but fell asleep quarter past. 😉

  13. Good take on the theme–and accomplished without standing out in subzero weather with a few million people!

  14. Good choice! It really does look like a star filter!

  15. Happy New Year, sponsored by Pepsi et al, good use of the time available will be a long year methinks.

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